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January 27th, 2015

Pinnacle Cotton Candy Vodka Funhouse Cocktail, Mirrors Not Included

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Pinnacle Cotton Candy Vodka Drink Recipe

This is one funhouse you don't mind getting lost in

On a recent “staycation” I stopped by one of the local stores to buy my wife a bottle of Pinnacle Whipped Chocolate Vodka to make Buttercream Martinis.  They were definitely enjoyed all around, and while I was making them I mentioned to my wife that they also had Cotton Candy flavored vodka.

That earned me a quick pinch on the arm as she exclaimed, “You know I love cotton candy!”.   So this past weekend while relaxing outside in the quickly warming Florida summer, I decided to go and grab some of this Cotton Candy vodka and earn myself some precious brownie points.

If  you’re a fan of cranberry and/or club soda you will probably fall in love with this drink.  That is definitely what happened with the crowd we had gathered, the only ones that didn’t enjoy this drink actually didn’t like either cranberry or club soda so this was a bad choice for them.

Also take note when you pour cotton candy flavored vodka you are going to have some memories come flooding back from your youth cause you’ll definitely get some wafts of that wonderful cotton candy smell.  Just remember, this is vodka, so don’t get too crazy in the funhouse!

Pinnacle Cotton Candy Funhouse Cocktail Drink Recipe below:

Pinnacle Cotton Candy Vodka Funhouse Cocktail
Recipe Type: Drink
Author: Chris Olson
Prep time: 1 min
Total time: 1 min
Serves: 1
This drink is not all smoke and mirrors!
  • 2 oz. Pinnacle Cotton Candy Flavored Vodka
  • 4 oz. club soda
  • Splash cranberry juice
  1. Mix in a glass filled with ice
  2. and garnish with a cherry

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